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We are VIP Factory

Fashion industry is believed to be one of the most competitive, in terms of business strategies and quality standards alike. The field is in a truest sense variable, demanding the businesses constituting it to be dynamic, adaptive, efficient and authentic. Historically, this area favours innovators capable of delivering high quality for affordable price.


Each entity operating on the fashion market is faced with an array of business approaches and solutions to choose from. The choices made not only determine the inner workings of trade and / or manufacture – they dictate everything the brand in question would ever stand for.

Neither the time nor the place, however, should ever be viewed as grounds for not trying to disrupt the industry. Every collection is worth implementing, for every idea has some potential to place one amongst the leaders.

Nevertheless, no idea can be brought to life and made sure to stick to it without sufficient support. A born artisan will always need a a partner well-versed in the practical aspects of business and ready to assist with manufacturing, risk control and the many aspects of management.


VIP Factory Ltd. has been operating on the market since as early as year 2000. Trained, tested, experienced and ever-improving, we are ready to do the heavy-lifting of client relationships, management and manufacturing. We offer a broad range of production-related services attired to free you of all the troubles associated with the implementation of a new idea. Just tell us what you have planned, and will see to a successful launch of your new collection!

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High quality production. Output volume variance of 2000-3000 pcs. per month, depending on the complexity of items developed.
Medical apparel, gowns, etc, – up to 5 000 pcs. / month.
Bathrobes, towels and such – up to 5 000 pcs pcs. / month.

  • Sample pattern development (according to a sketch)
  • Grading / designing in “Gerber” system
  • Sale-ready sample manufacturing
  • Mass / bulk production


  • VIP Factory / Sewing factory is a family business in Riga, Latvia (EU).
  • 22+ years of first-hand industry experience.
  • We rank amongst the best in business.
  • Easily reachable location. Maximum 2 hours flight to any European city
  • Country rated as "Low-Risk" by BSCI (Amfori).
  • We have more than 100 units of equipment. Those include: Blind stitch, Top-Top (AMF) Hand stitch and Boston stitch, ASS pocket automate, flat locks, double and multi-needle chainstitch and lockstitch machines, rivet, eyelet, snap button and hook presses and may others.
  • Made in EU. Latvia is a the European Union memeber state, which means you can have EU labels on any garments.
  • The currency is Euro. No added cost on exchange rates!
  • Expansion and production capacity increase possibilities.

Our services.

Product development services

  • Development
  • Sample production
  • Patterns / Grading / Layouts
  • Technology

Production preparation services

  • Accessory purchase
  • Warehouse for materials

Our services.


  • Cutting
  • Embroidery / Print
  • Sewing
  • Washing (if needed)
  • Steam / Iron (if needed)
  • Quality control

Production and delivery terms

  • Production terms: 2-6 weeks from the moment of an order placement